The Boat Hook

A unique innovation.

The Hook & Moor boats hook helps you thread a mooring rope through a mooring ring with a simple pull or push. Always ready, it allows the use of the boat’s own dock line for direct one step tie-ups. No loading, messenger or guide lines.

Both ends of your dock line onboard gives you a higher level of control and security.

Works as a regular boat hook when the hook head is in the locked position. Made of glass fibre reinforced PA, forged aluminum and stainless steel.

HOOK & MOOR® comes in five different versions.

The boat hook
Boat hook maintenance


Made of carbon/glass fibre reinforced PA, forged aluminium and stainless steel.

Facts table - Hook & Moor Boat Hook


  • Lock/Release button for carabiner.
  • Carabiner for dock line. Max. thickness dock line ø 25 mm.
  • Rotating mooring wheel.
  • Telescopic lock. Push buttons to release.
Hook & Moor Boat Hook
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