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Compared to traditional boat hooks, the patented Hook & Moor boat hook provides superior functionality when mooring. It eliminates the risk of going overboard when mooring the boat and you will no longer need outside assistance when docking.

Boat Hook for Mooring

The Ultimate Boat Hook

This boat hook is extremely easy to use and brings your mooring rope through the ring and back onto the boat in one motion. Just a simple push or pull motion with the hook and it’s done. No messenger line needed. The boat hook’s adaptable length makes it easy to operate and store. Stay safe onboard when mooring and docking. It also works as a regular boat hook when the hook head is in locked position. 

HOOK & MOOR® comes in five different models, from 1.8 meters to 4.2 meters when extended. If accidentally dropped in water, it floats. For more information from Hook & Moor, fill out the form or send an email to

The boat hook


A unique innovation.

boat hook mounting clip

Mounting clip

For Deck, Pole or Wire mounting

Push and pull boat hook

How it works

How the boat hook works

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